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We are full gospel believing Church in Ghana, believing that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are alive and essential for productive Biblical ministry and expansion of the kingdom of God through the Church. In keeping with this stance, holiness is a lifestyle not, a denomination.

Welcome to our website. Grace and Peace to you in the Lord, Amen !!!



Our Mission is fundamental - evangelize the lost, edify the believer, equip the saints for ministry and grow the local Church. The Word of God is infallible without error, absolutely essential for life and ministry. Christ our Prophet ,Priest and King. God the Creator of all things.


The ministry objectives includes evangelism, Christian education, Music ministry, Men ministry, Women ministry Outreach and Church Planting.


The purpose of the is the worship of the Almighty God, the extension of His Kingdom throughout the world associated in the faith and fellowship of the gospel. We endeavour to practice the gospel precepts, recognising and acknowledging Jesus Christ as the Saviour, sole Law - Giver and Lord. We accept the Bible alone as standard by which all matters of belief and conduct are to be decided.

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